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  1. Advice for the Spiritual Travellers


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    Advice for the Spiritual Travellers

    Spiritual cleanliness, also known as Takiyatun-Nafs, is considered central to knowledge enlightenment in all traditional Islamic Seminaries. Spiritual cleanliness enables the heart to receive goodness, enhance profound understanding in the Deen and openness to the true reality of worldly life.

    This book contains essential guidelines for a spiritual Mureed to gain some familiarity of the science of Tasawwuf. It explains the meaning and aims of Tasawwuff, some understanding around the concept of the soul, and general guidelines for a spiritual Mureed. This is a highly recommended book and it is hoped that it gains wider readership among those Mureeds who are basically new to the science of Tasawwuf.

    Author: Mufti Saiful Islam

    Pages: 38

    Binding: Paperback



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