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  1. Athar as-Sunan


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    Athar as-Sunan

    The book of proofs for purification and prayer

    In this classic work Allamah an-Nimawi relates fiqh rulings, particularly those of the Hanafi madhhab, to their source Hadiths, reviewing what the leading scholars have said about their chains of transmission. Footnotes indicate the views of other Hadith specialists on the authors assessment of each Prophetic Tradition. Although an-Nimawi was only able to complete the sections on ritual purity and prayer, the subject matter includes questions of special concern today, including practices that have recently become a source of controversy. For this reason, and because of its status as an authoritative reference work, Athar as-Sunan should be studied by anyone with a serious interest in Hanafi fiqh.

    Author: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Ali an-nimawi

    Pages: 526

    Binding: Paperback