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  1. Easy Good Deeds


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    Easy Good Deeds

    "Easy Good Deeds" is an excellent book in which the Mufti lists 82 very simple good deeds, which will Inshallah bring us immense blessings and good reward. Some include:

    1. Good Intention
    2. Praying
    3. Prayers according to Sunnah
    4. Seeking Pardon
    5. Dhikr of Allah
    6. Darud
    7. Thanksgiving 
    8. Patience
    9. To Preceed in Greeting
    10. Participation in Burial Service and Burial
    11. To love for the sake of Allah
    12. Helping a Muslim
    13. Justified Recommendation
    14. Concealing other's shortcomings
    15. Tenderness/Kindness
    16. Good Marital Relationship
    17. Good Treatment of Relatives
    18. To Learn Matters of Faith
    19. Teaching Religion
    20. Respect for Elders
    21. Wudu Prayer
    22. 360 Good Deeds
    23. Ishraq Prayer
    24. To Hurry in Iftar
    25. Giving Iftar to a Fasting man
    26. Starting work early in the morning
    27. Dhikir of Allah during business
    28. Taking back sold goods
    29. Giving grace period to a poor debtor
    30. Telling the truth in Trade
    31. Planting Trees
    32. Cleaning and eating a dropped morsel
    33. Praising Allah upon Sneezing and its Response
    34. Fear of Allah
    35. Optimism and Hope from Allah

    Author: Mufti Taqi Usmani Sahib

    Pages: 121

    Binding: Paperback


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