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  1. An Exposition Of The Hearts


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    An Exposition of the Hearts

    English Translation of Imam al-Ghazzali's Mukashfat al-Quloob. This book is a must-read for those who wish to understand the virtues and diseases of the heart, and wish to adopt the correct measures on the path of purification and reformation. From The Sea of Imam Ghazali's Knowledge this book covering many chapters which have irrigated countless Hearts. Subjects covering: Fear of Allah, Taqwa, Patience, Maladies of the Heart, Negligence, Love, Excellences and Warnings of certain actions and Occasions Allah subhanahu wa tala says, 'On that day nothing will benefit the human being, neither wealth nor children, only the one who brings Allah a sound heart.' A sound heart is one that is free of defects and spiritual blemishes. Though the spiritual heart is centered in the physical heart, the heart being referred to here is the spiritual heart, not the physical heart

    Author: Imam Muhammad Ghazali

    Pages: 646

    Binding: Hardback


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