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  1. A Gift to the Husband & Wife


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    A Gift to the Husband & Wife

    A Gift to the Husband & Wife is a book is indeed a presentation to the newly wedded couples as well as to all the married couples. This is a collection of writing from the pen of Maulavi Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rah), who was a very prolific writer on almost every topic of Islamic learning. It consists of various quotations from his books and all the quotations deal with the subject of marriage and after marriage relationship, as well as the various pitfalls of marriage, causes of breakdown and their causes. The Book also has various Sunnah traditions of the Prophet (SAW), Quranic verses and fine examples of real-life incidents, different aspects of family life and explained how to run the institution of marriage successfully.

    Author: Maulavi Ashraf Ali Thanvi 

    Binding: Paperback

    Pages: 192


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