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  1. Halal Nail Polish- Cocoa Bean


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    Halal Nail Polish- Cocoa Bean

    A suave milk chocolate brown.

    After considerable time, effort and research we are pleased to offer Halal nail polish. A unique nail polish line created specifically for the needs of our Muslim sisters.

    Our halal nail polishes are free of animail derivatives, gelatine and prohibitive alcohol. Our product is 100% Halal and breathable (air & water permeate the nail polish layer to reach the nail), and thus is safe for wudu. Scholar certification, ingredient list and water breathability tests are available upon request.

    Fast drying and long lasting. It is also free from commonly used harmful ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phtalate (DBP) and camphor. This results in stronger harder and more conditioned nails.

    Wudu Directions

    Gently rub nails for 10 seconds while water flows over the nail/fingers during wudu to assure water-permeability. Even two coats (1 nail polish coat + 1 top coat) will assure breathability

    100% Halal.


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