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  1. Heavenly Ornaments - Bahishti Zewar


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    Heavenly Ornaments - Bahishti Zewar

    Bahishti Zewar is a distinguished book written with Muslim women in mind. It is an amazing compendium of religious and temporal information. It has within it's fold, everything a woman should know and will need to know. However, since it also includes juristic answers, the book  is also a guide for men and scholars of high rank. Indeed, it has the unique distinction of being written for women in language suitable for them yet offering light to scholars and jurists. The eminent work by Sheikh Ashraf Ali Thanwi, has been newly translated into contemporary English. This new edition also contains the references from the Qur'an, Hadith and other source books of fiqh like the Hashiya of Ibn Abidin, Fatwa Hindiyya, and other fatawa works.

    Translated by Maulana Muhammad Mohamedy

    Author: Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi

    Pages: 672

    Binding: Hardback


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