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  1. Muslim Baby Record Book


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    Muslim Baby Record Book

    A new and Improved second Edition! With extra special features include futher chapters, stylised design and extra room to highlight those special moments, InshaAllah.

    SubhanAllah Life is a blessing and its duration, a journey filled with emotional moments. A baby's first years bring joy to all those who reminisce.

    The Siratt Muslim Baby Record Book will assure that you:

    • Compile a wealth of information about your treasured baby; from the first smile, step, Sujud and Eid right through to its physical development.
    • Reflect on sections focusing on Islamic Birth Rites, Quranic Ayat and Sahih Hadith which convey the blessings and responsibilities associated with children.
    • Incorporate messages and mementoes from parents and relatives.

    The essence of the Muslim Baby Record Book is one of love; love for Islam and love for Allah's (swt) Creation: It is a keepsake for a special person compiled by the people who love them.


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