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  1. Natural Flavour Miswak


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    Natural flavour miswak vacuum packed Miswak. is a natural chewing stick taken from the roots of Slavadora Persica (also known as Arak Tree). The simple name of “Arak Tree” in Urdu is Peelu. Our Al-Khair Miswaak is used as a teeth whitener and besides teeth whitening and brushing; it also has many antibacterial benefits. In short, it provides TOTAL ORAL CARE SOLUTION. Scientifically as well, it has been proven that Miswak is very good for gums maintenance and it kills bad odour, overall, it improves your taste buds and makes your teeth whiter. Research also indicates that Miswak suppresses decay-causing bacteria, gingivitis and plaque formation among many other benefits. Advantages of the Miswaak: 1. Miswaak strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay. 2. Miswaak assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further increase of decay which has already set in. 3. Miswaak creates a fragrance in the mouth. 4. Miswaak is a cure for illness. 5. Miswaak eliminates bad odors and improves the sense of taste. 6. Miswaak sharpens the memory. 7. Miswaak is a cure for headaches. 8. Miswaak creates lustre (noor) on the face of the one who continually uses it. 9. Miswaak causes the teeth to glow. 10. Miswaak strengthens the eyesight. 11. Miswaak assists in digestion. 12. Miswaak clears the voice. 13. The greatest benefit of using miswaak is gaining the pleasure of Allah. 14. The reward of Salaah (Prayers) is multiplied 70 times if Miswaak was used before it. 15. The miswaak is also a sunnah


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