Fabulous Life Perfume


A multifaceted blend, juxtaposing leathery depth with sweet florals. A scent capturing the essence of the indefinable.

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“The Fabulous Life Eau De Parfum by Fragrance World encapsulates luxury and unconventionality. Leading with the refreshing notes of clary sage and lavender, it sets a calming prelude to its intricate heart. Here, the warmth of bitter almond synergizes with the powdery elegance of orris and the sweet allure of vanilla, crafting a rich, floral center. As the scent settles, the pronounced leather note emerges, intertwining with tonka bean, cashmeran, and the subtlety of white woods. Amber adds a touch of opulence, solidifying its lavish persona. Designed for those who defy definition, this fragrance is both direct in its allure and rich in its depth.

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Weight 0.240 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 21 cm

100 ml


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