Far From Home




Will i ever see my home again? I do not know.

Will i ever see my father again? I do not know.

Will life ever be the same again? I do not know.

Katie and Tario are worlds apart but their lives are linked by a terrible secret, gradually revealed in this compelling and dramatic story of two girls grappling with the complexities of adolscence, family and a painful colonial legacy.

14-year-old Tario loves her ancestral home, the baobab tree she was born beneath, her loving family and brave, handsome Nhamo. She couldn’t be happier. But then the white settlers arrive and everything changes suddenly, violently, and tragically.

Thirty-five years later, 14-year-old Katie loves her doting father, her exclusive boarding school and her farm with its baobab tree in rural Zimbabwe. Life is great. Until disaster strikes and the family are forced to leave everything and escape to cold, rainy London.

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