Goodword Islamic Studies Grade 1




Goodword Islamic Studies Grade 1

This course has been designed to present the young students comprehensive Islamic education, comprising general Islamic knowledge based on the Quran and Hadith. Instead of teaching moral principles directly, they are taught through themes chosen from the Quran and other Islamic sources. A major portion of the course comprises the text of the Quran, which is followd by exercises to test the depth of understanding of the students. Though basically intended for use as a school text book, it is also an ideal tool for home schooling involving both the parents and the children. In this way children will nt only learn the ethical values conveyed by the message of Islam but will also be stimulated to want to know more about Islamic teachings when they grow up. Goodword Islamic Studies Series,

Grade 1

Unit 1 : Allah made the sun and the moon

Unit 2 : Allah made the animals

Unit 3 : Allah made the birds

Unit 4 : Allah gives us food to eat

Unit 5 : Prayer

Unit 6 : The true faith – Iman

Unit 7 : The five pillars of Islam

Unit 8 : The call to prayer – Adhan

Unit 9 : The five daily prayers

Unit 10 : Doing wudu or ablutions for prayer

Unit 11 : I love the Quran Unit 12 : I believe in Allah

Unit 13 : The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)

Unit 14 : Prayer

Unit 15 : Tala al-Badr Important phrases and surahs from the Holy Quran

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