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Ideal Father


This book deals with, amongst other things, the responsibilities devolving upon the father. For instance, the selection of a pious and devoted wife, making du’as for pious children, adoption of the golden principles of child-rearing, pursuit of the vital strategies in the mental development of the child, Islamic spiritual enhancement, to ensure that Tauheed (the unity of Allah), is embedded in every fiber of the child, to endeavour to cultivate the spirit of the love of Allah and the love of his beloved Rasool within their hearts. How can these innocent children of today become perfect Mu’mins, Mujahids, Da’ies, and leaders of the Ummah tomorrow? How can the love and reverence of the parents be nurtured within their hearts? Taking into account their temperaments and the occasion, how can the children be brough up to possess the Dini concern of the whole Ummah and how to cultivate within them the spirit of selflessness that enable them to sacrifice everything they have for one another?

These and a number of other issues are discussed in this book in the light of illustrations and narratives whilst, taking into account certain basic principles of psychology. Many other such issues are very simply dealt within this book, which can easily be brought into practice by the father thereby making him a role model for his children. A comprehensive book outlining the principles of an IDEAL FATHER.

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A comprehensive book outlining the principles of being an ideal father

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