Lamsa Silver By Al Haramain


A bold fragrance, embodying life’s fullness with ylang ylang, jasmine, rose wood, and sandalwood. Be your inspiration.

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Dive into the invigorating essence of Lamsa Silver, a scent designed for those unafraid to seize life’s moments. Begin with the intoxicating allure of ylang ylang and jasmine, transporting you to a realm of limitless possibilities. Journey through the heart where cyclamen mingles with the deep richness of rose wood. And as the scent matures, a grounding base of musk, cedar wood, and sandalwood encapsulates the essence of living life fully.

Lamsa Silver isn’t just a fragrance; it’s a call to live without hesitation, to be the dawn after the darkest night, and to inspire those around you. Embrace life with Lamsa Silver.

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