Mus’haf Tajweed Colour Coded Zip Qur’an


Experience the Color Coded Tajweed Holy Quran, a practical approach to phonology. Letters are color-coded for ease in applying Tajweed rules—expanded vocalization (red), nasalized (green), emphatic (dark blue), unrest (blue), and unpronounced (gray). Enhance recitation and understanding effortlessly.


Delve into the Color Coded Tajweed Holy Quran, a revolutionary guide in Quranic recitation. Based on phonology, letters are color-coded—red for expanded vocalization, green for nasalization, dark blue for emphasis (R), and blue for unrest (qualquala). Unpronounced letters are gray. This method simplifies Tajweed rules into three categories, fostering easy memorization and understanding. The reader seamlessly applies 24 rules with precision, enhancing recitation. Dar Al-Maarifa takes pride in adopting and offering this proven methodology, meticulously examined and accredited by the Committee of The Noble Quran. Readers, like traffic lights, effortlessly navigate through colors, finding a harmonious balance between recitation and contemplation of the Holy Quran.

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Dimensions 14 × 2 × 21 cm


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