Towards Understanding Taqleed – 2 Volumes




Towards Understanding Taqleed

Volume 1

A compilation of Booklets on the subject of Taqleed.

  • Hanafi Fiqh
  • Qiyas
  • 256 Questions
  • Why Follow One Imam Of Fiqh
  • Taqleed Made Easy
  • Necessity For Taqleed

Volume 2

A collection of treatises concerning Taqleed, and other issues of contention between the Ahl al-Hadith and those who follow one of the four great Imams. Includes:

  • Selected portions of Mawlana Anwar Qureshi’s
  • Hadith and the Ahl al-Hadith
  • Women And The Masjid
  • Where Do Pious Women Perform Salah
  • Various Fatwas from Fatawa Rahimiyyah

Compiled by: Mufti A.H. Elias

Pages: 652 combined

Binding: Hardback

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