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  1. Qur'an Read Pen- Small


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    Product Details

    2016 Improved version Qur'an Read Pen

    Qur'an size will be A5 (half of A4)

    Actual pen and other functions remain the same as the large

    The Qur'an read pen is an ideal way to get Muslims of all ages in the habit of reciting, memorizing and learning the Qur'an. The pen is very easy to use and understand with all its functions displayed on the side of each page.

    Features include:

    • Complete deluxe Holy Quran book.
    • Digital pen with built-in speaker Tajweed rules (Arabic)
    • Word for word translation
    • Practice (allows user to record, playback and perfect recitation)
    • Voice comparison
    • Read sentence (ayat) by touching the start of the ayat Read the whole Chapter by touching the title Repeat by touching again easy to use (all functions displayed in the side of each page) Sahih-al-Bukhari
    • Sahih-al-Muslim
    • Riyaad-us-saliheen
    • Noraani Qaidah
    • Talking dictionary

    Clear and loud voice with volume control, smart design with a Built-in MP3 function, use like a USB flash drive. Especially suitable for memorising Surahs. Instructions manual included  22 recitations available in 23 languages

    Using the Qur'an pen you can listen to some of the most famous reciters with a click of a button. The 3 recitors pre-loaded on the Pen are:

    • Sheikh Sudais,
    • Sheikh Mahir Muaiqaly
    • Abdul Basit

    On demand:

    • Abdul-Basit (Mojawwad),
    • Al-Afasy
    •  Al-Ghamidi
    • Al-Menshawy
    • Al-Shatr
    • Al-Hussary
    • Al-Hudhaify
    • Al-Adkar
    • Al-Ajmy
    • Jibreal
    • Barkat ullah
    • Abdul rasheed Souf
    • Basfer
    • Ayyoub
    • Al-Johany
    • Al-Rifai
    • Al-Budair
    • Zaki Daghistani
    • Al-Menshawy & children

    3 translations included are

    • English,
    • Urdu
    • french

    On demand:

    • Chinese
    • Bengali
    • Farsi
    • Dari
    • Kyrgyz
    • Kazakhstan
    • Indonesia
    • Uygur
    • Turkish
    • Pasto
    • Malayalam
    • Uzbek
    • Kurdish
    • Thai
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Somali
    • Tamil
    • Marathi
    • German
    • Azerbaijan.

    Not only can you use this pen with the Qur'an, it can also be used with the talking dictionary, Sahih al bukhari, Sahih muslim, Riyaad us saliheen and Noorani qaidah.


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