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Getting rid of your old electrical product can be problematic. With regulations in place since 2007 it is more difficult to get rid of your old electrical equipment; don’t worry, at Amsons we’re here to help. If you have old electrical equipment purchased from us that you want to recycle you can either:

Bring your old product into any of our Amsons stores.


Send the product by post.

Please ensure that the packaging is labeled for “recycling”

Look out for our symbol

All new electrical and electronic equipment we sell at Amsons can be recycled!  You can tell because most of our products include a ‘crossed out wheeled bin symbol’ like this Recycling
Even if your old product doesn’t have the ‘crossed out wheeled bin’ symbol, the good news is we’ll gladly accept and recycle your old electrical and electronic equipment to the best of our ability!

Benefits of recycling

In a nutshell, it’s better for the environment and Amsons cares about being green. The toxins contained within electrical products are extremely harmful on:

  • The natural habitat
  • Wildlife
  • Your health
  • Populated areas and communities where water and soil is polluted

At Amsons we make sure we do our best to protect the environment and our dedication to recycling means some pretty important benefits:
Saves natural resources
Reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending waste electrical goods to landfill

A bit about batteries

Amsons wants all your flat batteries. Just bring them into any of our stores and we’ll do the rest.

  • AA or AAA batteries
  • Batteries used in mobile phones or laptops
  • Batteries fixed to the motherboard of a personal computer or laptop
  • Batteries found in wristwatches

Sorry, we don’t accept:

  • Industrial batteries
  • Automotive batteries 

Or you can find your local waste portable battery recycling facility at