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Shop women’s fragrances at the leading online women Islamic fragrances store in Uk, Amsons, where each scent in this collection is a story waiting to be read. Right from the subtle whispers of floral notes to bold musky undertones, these perfumes celebrate the different shades of the Modern Muslimah’s individuality. Let’s celebrate the heritage of Islamic perfumery and womanhood together with our rich range of Islamic Fragrances for muslim Women.

Our Perfume collection at Amsons is a homage to the esteemed legacy of Arabic perfumery steeped in history and artistry. These perfumes are a celebration of the age-old techniques and ingredients that have defined Arabic fragrance-making for generations. This symphony of scents harmoniously blends the old with the new. They represent a bridge between the rich olfactory traditions of the Arab world and the preferences of the modern style-conscious woman.

Ajwad Lattafa

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Al Hobb Al Hakiki

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Amber Musk

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Amber Rouge By Orientica

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Berries Weekend

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Bint Hooran

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