33 Bead Tasbih Two Tone Green


Elevate your spiritual practice with our exquisite 33-bead tasbih. Perfect for post-salah supplications and travel, it features a stunning two-tone green finish in dark and lime green. Carry this portable tasbih to enrich your spiritual moments wherever life takes you.

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Immerse yourself in prayer and reflection with our delightful 33-bead tasbih, designed for post-salah supplications and convenient travel use. Crafted with care, it boasts a captivating two-tone green finish, blending dark and lime green hues for an aesthetic touch. Compact and portable, this tasbih is an ideal companion for your spiritual journey. Keep it on hand after salah to engage in meaningful supplications and maintain a serene connection with your faith. Embrace the tranquility of prayer, whether at home or on the go, with the beauty and functionality of this exquisite two-tone green tasbih. Finished with a lovely tasseled.

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Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 8 cm


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