7 Bead Tawaf Tasbih Dark Brown


Practical for Hajj or Umrah, our tasbih aids counting rounds at the Ka’bah and Safa/Marwah walks. A silver steel ring secures it on your finger, preventing loss. Crafted in beautiful brown wood, it’s a must-have for a spiritual journey.

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Designed for the pilgrim’s convenience during Hajj or Umrah, our tasbih serves a crucial role in counting rounds at the Ka’bah and when walking along Safa and Marwah. The addition of a silver steel ring allows you to securely hook it around your finger, ensuring you won’t lose it during your sacred journey. The tasbih’s practicality makes it an ideal companion for individuals embarking on the pilgrimage. Meticulously finished in a beautiful brown wood, it combines functionality with aesthetics. Enhance your spiritual experience with this thoughtful accessory, offering ease and peace of mind during the significant rituals of Hajj or Umrah.

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Dimensions 5 × 1 × 7 cm


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