Discover a framework rooted in Islamic tradition for battling unhealthy addictions and depression. This book aligns emotions with powerful du’as, fostering inner peace and higher knowledge of Allah.


Amid widespread unhealthy addictions and depression, this book offers a framework deeply rooted in Islamic tradition. Inspired by the teachings of scholars like Ibn Qayim Al Jawziya and Ibn Taymiyyah, it presents a cost-free, universal psychotherapeutic cure: sincere du’a (prayer). Beyond a mere compilation of du’as, this book provides a carefully considered framework that aligns emotions with the most impactful supplications. Each du’a serves a profound constructive purpose, aiming to guide readers toward ma’arifat (higher knowledge of Allah) and istiqaamah (steadfastness).

With a focus on noble etiquette, this book aims to transport readers toward inner peace and spiritual growth. It builds on the success of “A Handbook of Spiritual Medicine” to help individuals find solace and strength within Islamic tradition.

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