A profound collection of quotes and insights, ‘A Muslim Woman’s Diary’ offers guidance on haya, nafs, sabr, and obedience. Reevaluate your life’s meaning and find light in the darkness.


A Muslim Woman’s Diary’ is a thought-provoking collection of quotes and insights from a Muslima to her sisters worldwide. Divided into themes of haya (modesty), nafs (self), sabr (patience), and obedience, this book aims to help readers navigate both major and minor life issues. It encourages a positive mindset when facing challenges and provides a deeper understanding of Islamic principles, especially in the context of Western society. Learn how to appreciate your worth as a Muslim woman, manage your nafs, maintain patience in adversity, and practice obedience to your Lord and parents. Let this book guide you in reevaluating the meaning of your life, illuminating your path in times of darkness.

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