Adwaa Al Sharq


A harmonious blend of fruity notes, jasmine, roses, vanilla, patchouli, and musk, housed in a decorative flacon. Ideal for evenings.

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Delve into the sensory delight of Afnan Adwaa Al Sharq, a 25ml concentrated perfume oil that effortlessly bridges vibrant fruits with warm floral notes. The fragrance unfurls with jasmine’s floral grace and ylang-ylang’s creamy touch, only to be intensified by regal red roses. As the bouquet unfolds, spicy lychee, tantalizing pineapple, and velvety papaya blend seamlessly, evoking a tropical escape.

This fruitiness then melds into honey-drenched vanilla mousse, introducing a gourmet richness. The finale comprises of dry grasses and precious trees, delicately draped in honeyed ambergris. Concluding with a touch of white musk, Adwaa Al Sharq is a versatile scent but shines brightest during evening engagements.

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