Ahkam Tarteel Al Quran


Ahkam Tartil al Quran Moyassara provides beginners with essential rules for Quranic recitation. Mostafa El Gindi offers a simplified guide, endorsed by Sheikh Zakaria Hosseini for correct Quranic reading.

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“Embark on your Quranic journey with ‘Ahkam Tartil al Quran Moyassara’ by Mostafa El Gindi. Designed for beginners, this guide introduces specific rules of recitation, ensuring a correct understanding of the Holy Quran. Summarizing key Tartil principles, it equips readers with the essentials for accurate Quranic reading. Endorsed by Sheikh Zakaria Hosseini, former professor at the Islamic University, this book holds credibility in the field. As the director of business administration for the Quran and institutes in Ansar Al Sunna Al Mohammadiya, Sheikh Zakaria’s endorsement adds weight to this valuable resource for those aspiring to read the Quran with precision.”

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