Ahlam Al Khaleej 40g


Bukhoor Ahlam Al Khaleej: A premium Middle Eastern home fragrance. Blended with oud, musk, florals, and herbs for an aromatic richness.

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Immerse in the opulence of the Middle East with Bukhoor Ahlam Al Khaleej, a premium fragrance essence renowned for its aromatic depth and longevity. Crafted meticulously from nature’s finest ingredients like oud, musk, and an ensemble of floral and herbal nuances, it stands as a testament to traditional fragrance artistry. Beyond just a scent, it’s an experience, often reserved for momentous occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies.

With every waft, Bukhoor Ahlam Al Khaleej elevates the ambiance, introducing a layer of luxury and sophistication. Its undeniably captivating aroma positions it as a top choice for discerning individuals seeking an unparalleled olfactory journey.

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