Al Haramain Makkah 15ml Attar


A serene scent ideal for prayer and meditation, starting fresh, evolving through jasmine and strawberry, ending in musky vanilla.

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Makkah is a fragrance that offers more than just a scent; it brings contentment to the soul. Designed for moments of introspection, prayer, and meditation, its aroma has a unique power to ground and uplift simultaneously. It commences with a fresh burst, setting a rejuvenating tone. The heart unfolds with the delicate charm of jasmine, the zest of orange flower, and the sweet innocence of strawberry.

As it settles, it delves into a comforting embrace of amber, balanced with balsamic notes. The lingering musk, powdery touch, and richness culminate in a warm vanilla finish, enveloping the wearer in soothing happiness.

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15 ml


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