Al Haramain Wardia 15 Ml Attar


A mesmerizing fusion of sweet fruit and musk. Its captivating aroma speaks volumes, rendering words superfluous.

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Wardia stands as a testament to simplicity and profound depth, blending the luscious allure of sweet fruit with the timeless warmth of musk. When encountered, this fragrance has an uncanny ability to leave one speechless, transcending the need for grand descriptions or elaborate praises.

Its sheer quality resonates in every whiff, making it evident that sometimes, less truly is more. Each note is a silent narrative, allowing the wearer and those around to immerse in its olfactory story. In a world cluttered with words, Wardia’s scent communicates with an eloquent silence, proving that its quality is, indeed, more than sufficient.

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 cm

15 ml


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