All Praises To Allah Mug


Elegant “”All Praises To Allah”” tea cup. Pristine white finish adorned with beautiful blue script, combining spirituality with sophistication. Perfect for moments of reflection over a warm drink.

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Experience serenity with this exquisite “”All Praises To Allah”” tea cup. Crafted in a radiant white hue, it serves as the perfect canvas for the delicate blue inscription that graces its surface. Every sip from this cup becomes a moment of reflection and gratitude. The craftsmanship ensures that not only does it hold your beverage beautifully, but it also stands as a piece of art on its own. Whether you’re starting your day with a peaceful morning brew or winding down with an evening infusion, this tea cup adds a touch of spiritual elegance to your routine. A blend of traditional calligraphy and contemporary design, it’s a must-have for every tea lover.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 11 cm


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