Allah Made Everything The Song Book


Based on Zain Bhikha’s hit nasheed , “Allah Made Everything” is a captivating children’s songbook celebrating Allah’s creations. Presented by Zeebee Kids.


“Allah Made Everything, the songbook,” translates the heartfelt lyrics of the globally loved children’s song by the acclaimed singer-songwriter, Zain Bhikha, into a beautifully illustrated reading experience. Released in 2015, the song, accompanied by a popular video, has won hearts worldwide.

This book, the pioneer in a series under the Zeebee Kids label – a Zain Bhikha Studios division, promises to connect young readers with the wonders of Allah’s creations. Partnering with the Islamic Foundation, UK, it not only serves as a delightful read but also fosters invaluable conversations about our divine origin.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 15 cm


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