Arafah 8 ml Attar


Arafah by Amsons Exclusive: A traditional scent with a modern twist, balancing sweet nuances with spicy oudh. 100% alcohol-free, a timeless yet contemporary blend.

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Arafah, showcased by Amsons Exclusive, is a fragrance that gracefully bridges the past and present. Rooted in tradition, it radiates the warmth of customary aromas, with pronounced notes of spicy oudh that evoke age-old memories. Yet, there’s a delightful surprise awaiting every nose: a modern twist. The fragrance is intelligently crafted with sweet undertones that perfectly offset the spiciness, creating a symphony of scents that feels both ancient and contemporary.

This impeccable balance of aromas speaks to a sophisticated palate, one that appreciates depth with a touch of innovation. As with all offerings from the Amsons Exclusive collection, Arafah promises purity in every drop. Being 100% alcohol-free, the scent lingers on the skin, painting a portrait of timeless elegance fused with modern-day allure.

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8 ml


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