Ashraf’s Blessing of Marriage is a comprehensive guide on marriage in English, now expanded to 424 pages. It covers topics like marriage, family, sexual issues, and more based on the teachings of renowned scholars.


Discover the expanded 4th Hardback Edition of “Ashraf’s Blessing of Marriage,” one of the most comprehensive and popular Islamic guides on marriage in English. Enlarged from 360 to 424 pages, it covers essential topics including the consequences of adultery, when and how to marry, marital rights, sexual problems and remedies, family relationships, and more. This edition also addresses issues relevant to middle-aged couples, the harms of divorce, pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care. Drawing from the teachings of respected scholars like Shaykh Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi and others, this book serves as a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and insights on marital and family life.

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