Aswaf Al Karamah


Aswaf Al Karamah, a sensual-delicate perfume, captivates with a magical blend of warm, spicy, woody, and amber flavors. The essence of geranium and lime, complemented by cedar and tonka bean, creates a divine fragrance with silky white musk and vanilla notes, perfect for emphasizing a business status.

Capacity = 100ml

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Indulge in the enchanting allure of Aswaf Al Karamah, a sensual-delicate perfume that effortlessly combines warmth, spice, woody, and amber notes. The essence of geranium and lime forms a delicate bouquet, enriched by cedar and tonka bean for a captivating composition. Oriental notes of silky white musk and vanilla add a touch of luxury to the fragrance. Aswaf Al Karamah is a daily perfume that discreetly emphasizes the business status of its owner, offering a divine feeling with its magical composition. Unleash the sensual essence of this fragrance and experience a captivating journey of sophistication and allure, perfectly suited for daily wear.

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