Authority of the Sunnah emphasizes the pivotal role of the Sunnah, alongside the Qur’an, in Islam. Imam al-Suyuti clarifies its significance, authority, and impact, refuting those who neglect or reject it.


Authority of the Sunnah by Imam al-Suyuti highlights the indispensable role of the Sunnah, in conjunction with the Qur’an, in shaping Islamic faith. This book confronts those who undermine or deny the Sunnah’s importance. Drawing heavily from Imam Al-Bayhaqi’s works, it elucidates Imam Shafi’i’s stance and presents compelling arguments supporting the authority and relevance of the Prophet’s Sunnah.

The Sunnah is not a mere supplement but an essential guide, shaping theology and practice. Embracing the Sunnah is the key to a righteous life and, ultimately, attaining Paradise. As Shadh ibn Yaya wisely said, “There is no better way to Paradise than the way of those who have followed the Sunnah.”

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