Awaan Perfume


A refreshing unisex blend, harmonizing citrus notes with florals and woods. Everyday elegance personified.


“Awaan Eau de Parfum, a creation by Lattafa Pride, embodies the essence of everyday elegance. Designed for both men and women, the scent strikes a harmonious balance between citrusy bergamot and orange with the delicate allure of jasmine and orange blossom.

As it unfolds, the fragrance gracefully transitions into the earthy depth of sandalwood and patchouli, further anchored by the soft warmth of musk. This seamless blend ensures a scent that’s both invigorating and comforting. Whether you’re stepping out for a casual day or heading into a bustling evening, Awaan offers a fresh, clean aroma that complements every moment.”

Additional information

Weight 0.410 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 21 cm

100 ml


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