Babys First Box Of Quran


Baby’s First Box of Quran Stories -2″ by Goodword is a bestselling board book series for young children. It presents inspiring Quran stories in a format suitable for toddlers. The set includes five board books, ideal for teaching gratitude and appreciation for Allah’s blessings.


Introducing “Baby’s First Box of Quran Stories -2” by Goodword, the beloved board book series designed specifically for very young children. With its engaging storytelling and colorful illustrations, this collection offers an excellent introduction to Quranic narratives. Each of the five board books in the set presents inspiring Quran stories in a format that captivates toddlers’ attention. Through these stories, children learn to thank Allah for His blessings and develop a deeper connection with their faith from an early age. Whether read aloud during bedtime or incorporated into daily routines, this series provides an invaluable resource for parents and educators seeking to instill Islamic values and teachings in young hearts.

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Dimensions 10 × 4 × 12 cm


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