Bakhoor Ahlam Al Arab


As bakhoor releases its essence, bright peach and grape notes merge with zesty citrus. Spices like pink pepper and cardamom add depth, while cedar’s transparency is sweetened by musk. A harmonious blend evoking both rejuvenation and warmth. Experience nature’s aromatic masterpiece.

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As the bakhoor unfurls, the initial bright notes of fragrant peach and white grapes intertwine with zesty lemon peel and refreshing lime, evoking a lively, effervescent sensation. The scent’s upbeat and optimistic character is further accentuated by the playful aroma of freshly ground pink pepper, the spicy kick of cardamom and nutmeg, and the nuanced smokiness of bergamot, which carries delightful fresh, green citrus hints. At the fragrance’s core, the transparency of pure cedar gracefully mellows, enriched by the sweet depth of musk.

This scent is a harmonious blend, encapsulating both the energy of a new day and the comfort of a warm embrace. Dive into a fragrance journey that celebrates nature’s finest aromas.

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