Bakhoor Ayesha


Ahmed Al Maghribi’s Bakhoor Ayesha incense entices with notes of Dahn al oud, musk, floral, and oriental fragrances. A blend of Indian Rose and Black Musk, it’s a gem in oriental perfumery.

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Dive into the aromatic world of Ahmed Al Maghribi’s Bakhoor Ayesha incense. This unique scent weaves together the timeless essences of Dahn al oud, musky tones, floral whispers, and oriental hints. Ahmed Al Maghribi, a renowned perfume brand, has masterfully curated this fragrance. At its heart, the noble aroma is enriched with a potent blend of Dahn Al Oud and Indian Rose.

These elements then gracefully merge with the delicate undertones of White Musk, a floral bouquet, and the deep resonance of Black Musk. Every whiff of Bakhoor Ayesha is an invitation to indulge in an olfactory journey, enticing and evoking deep emotions. If its allure beckons you, don’t hesitate. Embrace this masterpiece from the corridors of oriental perfumery.

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