Balkis 6ml Attar


Balkis is an oriental floral fragrance which has a divine vanilla scent. It also has a fresh sweet smell of lilies, vanilla and white musk. There are also various undertones of violate and jasmine, not mention the sprinkles of citrus which help bind the attar together.

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Balkis, an oriental floral delight, boasts a divine vanilla aroma that’s truly enchanting. The blend unfolds with the fresh sweetness of lilies, vanilla, and white musk, while subtle undertones of violet and jasmine add to its complexity.

Citrus notes serve as the harmonious glue, uniting this exquisite attar into a harmonious, captivating fragrance that lingers gracefully. Discover the allure of Balkis and embrace its sweet, floral symphony today.

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Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 5 cm


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