Black Afgano 15ml Perfume


Black Afgano captivates with its blissful fragrance, promoting self-awareness. Its dark, aftershave undertone lingers, creating an enticing and profound olfactory experience.

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Discover the alluring depths of Black Afgano. More than just a fragrance, it’s an exploration of one’s senses, invoking a heightened sense of self-awareness. Each spritz reveals a delightful bliss, like a secret shared between close confidants. But what truly sets it apart is the enigmatic dark aftershave element.

It provides a grounding presence, adding layers of complexity and mystery to the scent. As it settles on the skin, Black Afgano leaves an impression that’s hard to forget—a dance between the ethereal and the profound. For those seeking more than just a scent, but an experience, Black Afgano promises a journey into the deeper realms of self and sensation.

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15 ml


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