Black Ebony Tasbih (128)


Our exquisite 3-tasselled tasbih, featuring smooth ebony beads. This is a 33 bead tasbih. The tasbih is ideal to engage with a persons daily supplications and remembrance of Allah.

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Our stunning 3-tasselled tasbih, featuring sleek ebony beads, is a cherished prayer accessory within the Muslim community. This ebony Tasbih is 33 beads. This beautiful tasbih not only adds grace to daily devotions but also holds deep spiritual significance. Its smooth ebony beads symbolize the oneness of Allah and the connection Muslims seek in their faith.

Whether used for personal reflection or gifted with love, this tasbih embodies the essence of Islamic faith. Muslims find solace and spiritual connection in the rhythmic recitation of praises and supplications, and this tasbih enhances that experience. It’s a tangible reminder of the importance of devotion, mindfulness, and unity within the Islamic tradition. In essence, it serves as a treasured symbol of faith and connection to Allah.

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