Black Oud Bakhoor

Elevate your space with Black Oud Bakhoor by Banafa. Experience the famous, exotic Arabian Oud aroma in a 50g pack. Just heat coal, sprinkle Bakhoor, and let the luxurious Islamic/Arabian scent enrich your home, crafted authentically in Saudi Arabia.

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Immerse your home in the lavish world of Arabian scents with “Black Oud” Bakhoor by Banafa. This 50g pack of exquisite bakhoor is crafted in Saudi Arabia, renowned for its exotic, captivating aroma. Unveil the traditional Islamic and Arabian fragrance by simply placing hot coal on an incense burner and sprinkling the Black Oud Bakhoor, releasing a timeless, luxurious aroma throughout your space.

Enjoy the authentic, celebrated Arabian Oud fragrance, reflecting the rich traditions and luxury of the Middle East. In addition to the Bakhoor, explore the array of perfumes and home sprays by Banafa, ensuring a continuous embrace of opulent Arabian fragrances in every aspect of your life.

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