Black seed Rub Strong


Scientifically crafted for colds & muscle fatigue. Topical blend for chest, neck, back. Alleviates joint pain and muscle weariness.

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Experience relief with the Black Seed Rub, masterfully formulated to address both the common cold and muscle fatigue. Drawing on the potency of black seed oil and synergized with other heating oils, this product promises a scientifically-backed solution for top-tier comfort. Applied topically, it’s perfectly designed for the chest, neck, and back, offering a reprieve during flu seasons. But its benefits extend beyond colds.

For those experiencing joint pain or the strains of physical exertion, this rub delivers targeted relief. A fusion of tradition and science, this rub encapsulates holistic wellness in every application.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm

10 ml


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