Blackseed Honey 250g




Blackseed Honey

Nutritionally, honey is a healthy, easily digestible, natural, and energy-rich food. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, enzymes, and vitamins.

The Prophet salalahu alayhi wasalaam has also told us of the healing found within honey for a variety of medical problems, including stomach ailments.

This is a power booster, excellent honey combined with black seed and ginger. This is more like a paste, not runny. Black cumin oil contains 100 healing components that work together in a synergetic effect. That means they all complement each other in the process of aiding our body.

75% Pure Mountain Honey, 15% Black Seed Grain (Nigella),  5% Ginger and 5% Bee Pollen Seed.


Weight 250g

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Additional information

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