Bukhoor Oud Sharqia 40g


Experience a symphony of scents. Top notes of oud, cinnamon, and nutmeg evolve into heart notes of jasmine and sandalwood, settling to a rich base of musk, vanilla, guaiac wood, and amber.

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Immerse yourself in an olfactory journey that begins with the distinct and enticing top notes of agarwood (oud), warm cinnamon, and spicy nutmeg. As these initial aromas mellow, they reveal the floral elegance of jasmine intertwined with the woody undertones of sandalwood in the middle notes. Completing this exquisite fragrance experience, the base notes unveil the deep and seductive blend of musk and vanilla.

This is further enriched by the subtle tones of guaiac wood, known for its smoky touch, harmoniously combined with the timeless allure of amber.

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