Cambodi Oudh Ma’al Attar


Packaged in a glass jar, Bakhoor Oud Cambodi tablets offer an exquisite Arabian scent. Simply crumble onto charcoal or an electric burner. Pair with Dehnal Oud Cambodi and a burner for a perfect gift!


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Haramain’s Cambodi Oudh Maal Attar is a tribute to pure Agarwood chips, immersing one in the nostalgia of authentic Oudh. Initially, its fragrance envelops the senses with a musky incense aura. As moments pass, the rich intensity of Agarwood takes center stage, leaving an enduring presence in the air.

This bakhoor doesn’t fade quickly, ensuring a lasting aromatic experience. Crafted without alcohol and composed entirely of natural oils, it stands as a testament to Haramain’s dedication to genuine, high-quality scents. Dive into a world where tradition meets purity with this exceptional Bakhoor.

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