Circular Black and Gold Burner 10138


Discover our new bakhoor range with a circular burner, elegantly finished in black and gold. Immerse your space in enchanting aromas while basking in the sophisticated design that effortlessly elevates your décor, merging timeless elegance with aromatic indulgence.


Step into the world of elegance and luxury with our latest bakhoor range. The circular bakhoor burner, masterfully crafted in opulent black and gold, is an embodiment of style and function. It’s designed not just to release mesmerizing fragrances but to also add a touch of regal beauty to your space. Each detail is meticulously fashioned to echo sophistication, ensuring your environment is filled with the allure of delicate scents and unparalleled elegance.

Perfect for any home or occasion, this bakhoor burner stands as a testament to impeccable taste and artistic craftsmanship. Don’t just scent your space, transform it into a realm of lavish beauty and sumptuous aromas with our exquisite bakhoor burner.

Additional information

Weight 0.235 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 7 cm


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