Colour Coded Noorani Qaadiah


Ideal for beginners, this color-coded Qaida is an excellent starting point for learning Arabic and Tajweed rules for accurate Quranic recitation. Clear font, quality paper, Urdu guidance notes, and the 29 Arabic alphabet letters make it a comprehensive and accessible learning resource.

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A perfect introductory book for those beginning Arabic or Tajweed rules, this color-coded Qaida stands out. With a clear font and quality paper, it offers a user-friendly learning experience. Inclusive of Urdu and English guidance notes, along with the 29 Arabic alphabet letters, it provides a comprehensive foundation for beginners. The color-coded design aids in easy navigation, enhancing the understanding of Arabic pronunciation and Tajweed. Whether learning independently or with guidance, this Qaida caters to individuals seeking an accessible and effective resource to kickstart their journey in understanding the Arabic language and Tajweed rules, fostering a strong foundation for accurate Quranic recitation.

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