Cuir De Orientica


Cuir de Orientica captivates with a wicked elegance, led by mandarin and pepper. Violet and iris dance with luscious musk, while cedarwood and leather create a roguish perfume that shackles hearts in love.

Capacity = 90ml

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Surrender to the arresting allure of Cuir de Orientica, where the jingling of chains heralds an irresistible fragrance. Mandarin and pepper lead a scintillating posse, while violet and iris interweave with luscious musk. Rugged notes of cedarwood and leather enhance this roguish perfume, creating an essence of wicked elegance. As the chains jingle, you feel your heart captured in the love of Cuir de Orientica. It’s an olfactory journey that embraces captivity with every whiff, leaving an indelible mark of intrigue and seduction. Let the fragrance shackle your senses and immerse yourself in the captivating embrace of Cuir de Orientica’s wickedly elegant charm.

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