Dakar 15ml Roll on Attar


An attar unveiling its beauty gradually. As sandalwood and oudh settle, oudh’s richness emerges, embraced by warm amber.

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“Dakar” is an attar of patience and depth. On first encounter, it may seem reserved, but with time, the true essence of its fragrance unfolds. The initial subtlety paves the way for the regal presence of sandalwood and oudh. As these notes meld and settle, the oudh’s character, full of depth and tradition, vividly comes to the forefront.

This transformative journey is lovingly cradled by the warmth of amber. This golden embrace not only heightens the fragrance’s richness but also binds the notes in harmonious unity. Dakar is a sensory tale that asks to be savored, revealing its chapters slowly, one aromatic layer at a time.

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 cm

15 ml


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